3 comments on “Does the word “redneck” originate from West Virginia?

  1. I am of the belief that the term “Redneck” referred to a Southerner that worked in the fields and had a sunburned back of the neck. I am sure that other origins may exist. Naturally it has evolved to encompass racial overtones unfortunately. The fact that I live in the “Boston – Ozark” mountains connects me with both terms “Redneck” and “Hillbilly.” I feel somewhat proud to be attached to both terms. Being a native “Arkansan,” we don’t necessarily attach tags of racism to these terms. We attach pride of our native area to these terms. I hope people will come to understand that these terms are NOT necessarily derogatory.

  2. Redneck came from a Irish slang. It means anyone that doesn’t live in Dublin. A mother would slap there kid in the back of the neck and tell them to go to Dublin and get a job, giving them a red neck.

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