2 comments on ““June 20, 1863: West Virginia is Born – And Jefferson County Unaware” by Jim Surkamp

  1. Hey, neighboring county… In times of war, governments hardly function. Voting is for those who persist or have vested interests in the outcome. In times of peace, ho-hum… In a recent city election (we live in county), 50 voters, a mere 4%, turned out to determine who will run one of two towns in our county. I cannot say anything against the men and woman who offered to hold offices. But, the other 1,000+ voters who did not cast ballots should have little to complain about if they do not like the results of their inaction. 150 years ago, the voters in these mountain counties did not have much option to go to the polls to determine which side of the line they would stand on.

  2. Hi Jim, this is Bob Arrington from “West Virginia, the Other History”. I just made a Youtube video, rather short for the subject, on West Virginia’s creation. Have a look if you have the time. Your website is great.

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